Filters And Foam

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Air filters are used in a wide range of industrial applications to exclude particles of dust. Electronics, for example, or medical environments where sterility is of paramount importance as it is in laboratories. Heavy and light transport engines also need air filters to make sure they remain in the best possible working order.

Foam for air filters are produced in a wide range of cell sizes to fulfil the requirements of the individual situation. At Technical Foam Services for instance, we manufacture foam for air filters out of polyester reticulated foam. Polyester foam is soft, flexible and has good oil resistance capabilities which make it ideal for these particular circumstances.

Foam for water filters is again made from reticulated foam, but this time polyether rather than polyester is used. The reason for this is that polyether has a high level of resistance to water and guarantees a good standard of performance as well as being extremely durable.

Where metal casting is concerned, ceramic filters play a very important role. This is because they will filter out any impurities which will result in the end product performing to its optimum level. As you can imagine, ceramic filters need to withstand challenging working conditions and therefore must be of the highest possible quality for heat resistance and resilience.

Engines need filters in order to operate. In fact filters are a vital component in any engine. Whether its car, bus, train or motorcycle engine, filters for oil, dust and air are essential to their smooth running. The aerospace industry also needs a reliable source of foam for the filters they use. There are wide selections of filter foams for engines available to suit the different requirements of various manufacturers of filters. Foams for filters can be either permanent or replaceable, depending upon what their function is likely to be.
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Filters And Foam

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This article was published on 2010/10/01