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Foam Gaskets or silicone foam gaskets are very similar to silicone sponge gaskets, but the difference is how they are manufactured. Foam gaskets range in cell structure, from open cell to mainly closed cell. The open cell ones are used for shock or vibration applications, and the closed cell gaskets are used for environmental seals. These gaskets are made from silicone and are considered to be low temperature and high temperature gaskets, because silicone performs well in extreme temperatures. They are also extremely stable under UV, and have a flame rating of UL94-V0, and are a the perfect choice for electrical enclosure gaskets.

Some foam gasket applications may include:

• Insulation
• Electrical absorption
• Cushioning
• Fluid restriction
• Noise reduction
• Weather resistance

Foam gaskets have many different types of uses and applications and for this reason a wide variety of materials are used in their manufacture. Some of the stock foam materials from which they are manufactured from will include:

• Polyethylene
• Polyurethane
• NPVC ( vinyl-nitrile )
• Microcellular Urethane
• Neoprene

Other types of gasket include solid silicone gaskets and sponge silicone gaskets. Solid silicone gaskets are usually die cut from sheet goods. Solid silicone gaskets require more closure force and are commonly used on metal closures. Sponge gaskets are soft when compared to solid silicone gaskets. The structure of silicone sponges make it ideal for environmental seals, as it is resistant to UV and is very stable over a wide range of temperatures.

Another type of foam gasket is the self adhesive reinforced gasket, which comprises of a release liner having an upper surface which is a release surface, a layer of pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the release surface, a layer of flexible polymeric film, applied to the pressure sensitive adhesive layer, and a layer of flexible foam thermally bonded to the flexible polymeric film layer. The gasket can be used in automobiles and other applications.

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Foam Gaskets

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