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A number of companies are offering DIY polyurethane foam insulation kits for home use. TigerFoam, Handi Foam from FomoFoam, Foam It Green DIY Kits are some of the top brands available online. Tiger Foam offers both Slow Rise and Fast Rise formulations. The Slow Rise is for filling wall cavities and other hidden closed-off spaces in the house. The Fast Rise foam is more suitable for spraying surfaces.

The DIY kits come complete with all the equipment needed to apply the spray foam-nozzles, tank, hose and tips. They also have careful step-by-step instructions that need to be followed in order to the job safely and also for best results.

The foam sold by all these companies is basically urethane foam sold under pressure in tanks. The foam needs 65-75 degree Farenheit temperature to expand fully and cover the surfaces uniformly. The tank in particular needs to be warm to get the full benefit of expansion. The reason why temperature is an important factor in polyurethane foam spraying is because the amount of foam you buy is calculated based on the area of the surface to be sprayed or volume of cavity to be filled. If the foam you apply does not expand to its full extent then you will need more foam to spray, which is a waste of money.

Ensure, that you wear protective masks for your eyes and nose. Wear protective clothing before you start the spraying process. If you need any safety equipment you can find it on the website that sells the foam or buy it locally.

Apart from insulation the polyurethane foam also acts as a sound barrier. It is moisture resistant and hence prevents mold in the wall cavities and wall surfaces. The excellent insulation capacity of the foam results in the complete cut-off of air transfer from and into the house. Retention of temperature of the house is excellent in homes insulated using polyurethane foam insulation kits. You will save a ton of money in utility bills and the insulation costs will soon paid for.

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Homeowners Polyurethane Foam Insulation Kits

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This article was published on 2010/11/13