How modern industry is dependent on foam

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Despite being relatively cheap and lightweight, foam is as vital to the building and manufacturing sectors as any amount of machinery, plant, or heavy-duty construction materials. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, certain foams are prized for their strong thermal insulation properties. Rigid, high density foam (HDF) made from polyurethane, for example, is a key component in many refrigeration units and freezer compartments. Insulating foam cut to size also plays a vital role in the form of pipe linings and housings for equipment that might otherwise be affected by changes in temperature. Rigid foam insulation sheets are also of course a common feature in building projects.

Secondly, the movement and transportation of machinery, tools and building materials (including glass) usually requires the type of complete protection that only foam can provide so thoroughly. Polyethylene foams such as plastazote and evazote, and polyurethane foams, in the forms of both undulating egg-crate foam and reconstituted chipfoam, all serve these protective needs in particular ways. In addition, such foam cut to size can guarantee complete non-movement and security of awkwardly shaped items. A further advantage of polyethylene packaging foams is that they are usually flame-retardant, waterproof, and UV-resistant; thus adding important extra levels of protection for transported items.

Thirdly, being strong and versatile, but thoroughly lightweight, foam is fully exploited in situations where rigidity is required but without the burden of additional excessive weight. Many foam suppliers have long-running contracts with vehicle manufacturers for the provision of body panels, for example.

Finally, several types of foam, particularly rubber foams, are used in applications where effective sealing is essential. Such foam solutions include gaskets and weatherproof adhesive sealing tapes.

At Technical Foam Services we guide all sorts of manufacturing industries through the myriad of foam types to find precisely what they need, and, unlike many other foam manufacturers, can even offer original in-house tailored foam solutions.

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How modern industry is dependent on foam

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This article was published on 2010/10/25