How To Make Foam Refrigerator Magnets

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If you are looking for an inexpensive craft project to make with children, you will want to try out this craft idea. Within a matter of 20 minutes, you can make several foam refrigerator magnets.

Appropriate Age Group: 4 and up

Here is what you will need:

Coloring books (featuring simple designs such as flowers, animals, cartoon characters, etc)
Child Safety Scissors
All Purpose White Tacky Glue
Wiggle Eyes
Beads, Buttons, Sequins, Feathers and other miscellaneous crafting trinkets
Foam Sheets (buy 1 of each different color to match your designs)
Fine Tip Black Sharpie Marker

For the project that I made with my nephews, we selected a coloring book that had animal pictures in it for preschool aged children. You will want to cut out the pattern by cutting close (but not on) the outline shape.

We selected the following animals: frog, pig, monkey, cow, puppy and a lamb).

For the purpose of this project, I will refer to the cow refrigerator magnet that we made.

Select a sheet of foam to match the color of your animal, in this case, a white piece of foam. Trace around the pattern by placing the reverse side of the pattern down onto the foam sheet. Once you have it traced, use the scissors to cut the shape out by cutting on your traced line.

We then took a scrap piece of peach colored foam and made a nose for our cow and glued it into place. Above the nose, glue on 2 wiggle eyes. Take the black fine tip Sharpie marker and draw black 'cow' spots on the cows body and head. We also used the marker to color in the cows tail and hooves. To finish off your cow, glue a 2" piece of magnet onto the back and let dry.

Try to be creative when adding accents to your magnets, you can use feathers, beads, buttons, sequins, charms, ribbons and other left-over small trinkets from other craft projects.

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How To Make Foam Refrigerator Magnets

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This article was published on 2010/04/04